The Center at West Park


West-Park Presbyterian Church has been the place of our inception and the home of our weekly meetings, Open Choirs, and other events. We are proud to be one among the many ingredients that contribute towards West-Park’s dynamic and long-historied social and artistic activity and activism. Under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Robert Brashear, West-Park was a home to individuals and groups who sought to discover the possibilities of a community not defined by dogma, precepts of institutionalized religion, or exclusionary ideologies. It aspired to be a place where spiritual depth and human connection could be explored. West-Park partnered with the Seed Group and the Open Program to stimulate dialogue and exchange about the ways in which the performing arts can serve as a means of revealing creative forces present within individuals and communities, how they can create and serve those communities, if only for a moment. The Open Choir encounters initiated at West-Park by the Seed Group and Open Program have served as a significant step towards crystallizing these desires in shared action. The NYC Seed Group were artistic residents at West Park from 2014-16.

In 2016, our residency transferred to the burgeoning The Center at West Park, “a home for arts, culture, and community in the landmark West Park Presbyterian Church on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. The Center is a secular not-for-profit organization that offers a diverse range of programs for artists, audiences, and the neighborhood; manages the building’s facilities; and stewards the restoration of its historic exterior.”

We are glad to continue on as part of the West-Park community in this new phase of its life.