Building communities within communities, the Seed Group has also partnered with the West-Park Presbyterian Church. West-Park has become the home of our weekly meetings, Open Choirs, and other events. We are proud to be one among the many ingredients that contribute towards West-Park’s dynamic and long-historied social and artistic activity and activism. West-Park emerges as a home to individuals and groups who seek to discover the possibilities of a community not defined by dogma, precepts of institutionalized religion, or exclusionary ideologies. It aspires to be a place where spiritual depth and human connection can be explored. In its collaboration with the Seed Group and Open Program, West-Park thus hopes to stimulate dialogue and exchange about the ways in which the performing arts can serve as a means of revealing creative forces present within individuals and communities. Together we wish to uncover and transgress the contingent and violent logic of “boundaries” erected between cultures and individuals. The Open Choir encounters initiated at West-Park by the Seed Group and Open Program have served as a significant step towards crystallizing these desires in shared action.


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