Open Choir Starts Up Again in NYC

Once a week, every Thursday, for two months!
Dates: Thursdays, 7-9 pm, January 15th – March 12th, at West Park Presbyterian Church (165 West 86th Street)

The first encounter is on January 15th. Come!!! And sing with us!!!!

We have the pleasure to inform you that our friends of the Open Program are back in New York for a residency January to March 2015. It is the goal of the Open Program to create in New York City contexts for working with old and new friends and the possibilities for developing new works.

In collaboration with West Park Presbyterian Church and the Seed Group, Open Program, will go ahead laying the seeds of new kinds of community in NYC by continuing Open Choir: a non-sectarian, weekly encounter through song, open to all. 

Please wear warm, elegant clothes, as for a party with friends or for a special occasion! There is no need to make a reservation. 

Spread the word! Bing your friend! Your help informing your friends about our project and these weekly sessions is essential to us, and we will be very grateful if each of you could share this information to your contacts and to your friends who would be interested.

We thank you in advance! Kind wishes to you all! 

For questions regarding these sessions: or with the subject: OPEN CHOIR NYC

“For information about the entire program, please visit: or

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